Career Hunters is an executive placement firm working closely with client corporations to provide the best talent in today's competitive marketplace. We work to place executives who wish to improve their career direction or seek lucrative opportunities in today’s competitive world.

Our staff comprises of business executives who have consulted with large corporations; enabling us to manage the decisions, issues, and problems faced by both companies and job seekers on a daily basis. We implement our consulting experience to all recruitment and job-seeking needs.

Understanding the Client’s Needs is our main Strength

We believe that a diligent search process begins with a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs. With every assignment, we find it necessary to go beyond the specific skill set required. We specialize in analyzing job descriptions, and conduct detailed studies of the physical and mental characteristics of an employee, ensuring the best fit for the organization. Working closely with clients, we review the business and professional context of the situation and develop a description of the qualifications and background of their ideal candidate.       


Why Us? 

  • Knowledge & Experience in the Market
    Our recruiters and consultants have been serving the Middle Eastern market for a decade. Therefore, we understand corporate needs. 
  • Quality, Depth and Focus in Our Process
    Our goal is to provide the best candidates in the shortest amount of time. This requires an expert team that focuses to ensure that you get only the best talent
  • We Communicate Often and Effectively
    We communicate frequently and provide updated information regularly to our clients. 
  • Flexibility
    Since each assignment is different; we offer tailored solutions to simplify the recruitment process. 
  • Finding Candidates
    Our comprehensive marketing strategy attracts qualified candidates from across the globe. 
  • Reference Checks
    Our candidates go through an intense screening process by attaining feedback from previous peers & subordinates. We provide reports to our clients along with our personal notes and evaluation comments.  

Our Vision- To enhance Career Hunters by providing comprehensive and professional recruitment services to all businesses that recognizes value in personal service.  

Our MissionTo provide the highest quality tailored services in all stages of the recruitment process with an emphasis on customized consultancy services for the recruitment of staff in all disciplines, at all levels, both permanent and temporary.  

Our Values Our philosophy is to consider our reputation and integrity more valuable than maximizing profits.