JOB : Finance & Customer Service Representative
5 to 10 years
Our client is a well known real estate company in Kuwait.

1.      Accounting and financial (Sales Related):

·         Preparing reservations and commissions summary sheet

·         Updating the sales sheet

·         Invoicing agents and developers for sales commission

·         Assuring that all company payments received and paid are billed, and saving those bills

·         Hosting a frequent meetings with the accountant

·         Commission payments sheet / settlement.

·         Follow up with introducers payment


2.      Accounting and financial (Office related):

·         All purchases for the company

·         Dealing with all the company banking matters

·         Issuing cheques and checking the bank balance before issuing the cheques

·         Collection of payments for Attestation & Courier

·         Checkbook Payments for miscellaneous Expenditures

·         Holding company bank account information and online access

·         Allotting Petty cash for the month

·         Responsibilities of Petty cash accounts and invoices

·         Monthly office rent Payments

·         Staff Salary Payments

·         Holding the treasury

·         Issuing New check books

·         Checking telephone bills and settling them on regular basis.

·         Holding Asset, Inventory and Electronic devices sheet and performing frequent checks

·         Hosting a frequent meetings with the accountant and the auditors

·         Follow-up with the Auditor and accountant Jobs.


3.      The Finance Archive:

·         The company and Staff Custody

·         Projects commission agreements

·         The original Reservation forms and a copy of the clients Identifications information’s

·         Office rent contract

·         All the Accountants folders and Files

·         All used and new check books

·         All bills and accounting books

·         Previous years financial statement

·         All electronic, furniture... etc (Bills & Warranty books)


4.      Preparing the following:

·         Managing every particular expense

·         Creating a budget for every particular expenses

·         Providing a Monthly report on Performance

·         Providing Monthly Statement


5.      Statistics Division:

·         Preparing Sales Reports according to :

o   Sales Staff:

§  Number of Units Sold (Entire Period & Per working Day)

§  Number of Commission Earned (Entire Period & Per working Day)

o   Number of overall Clients:

§  By Transacting Size

§  By Area

o   Agent

o   Introducer

o   Area in units number and Commission:

§  Student.

§  North Residential

§  Above 1 Million

§  600 - to 1 Million

§  300 GBP to 599 GBP

o   Advisory Services:

§  By Services

§  Number of clients

§  Volume of Commission Earned By Service Type.


6.      Client Care:

·         Sending the following to clients / buyers:

                                                              i.      Thank you email

                                                            ii.      Reports

                                                          iii.      Construction updates

                                                          iv.      Payments update

·         Maintain & Update the following:

o   Sales sheet

o   Client’s information sheet / client’s folder

·         Saving the following:

o   The original Reservation forms and a copy of the clients Identifications information’s


7.      Buying Process:

·         Reservation approval

·         Assigning of solicitor

·         Signing of contracts

·         Attestation of documents

·         Forwarding the contracts to the lawyer

·         Follow up with the solicitor on exchange of contracts, funds received and to be paid, completion status, title deed information, etc.


8.      VIP Clients Service:

·         Preparing the following:

o   List of units purchased

o   Payment structure by due dates

o   Payment information (Bank transfer details)



1. Education Qualification: Major in Finance; 2. Communication Skills: Well versed in English and Arabic; 3. Experience: Minimum 5 to 10 years in similar position.
Bachelors in Accountancy, Bachelors in Accounts/Business/Finance, Bachelors in Finance, Bachelors of Commerce
Ms. Avneet Kaur - Recruitment Consultant
CONTACT PHONE NO. 22652575 Ext:207