JOB : IT Manager [Project Manager]
5 to 7 years
Our client is a IT Software Solution Company in Kuwait.

IT Manager [Project Manager]
The company owns and manages a number of websites and applications, looking for a person with Leadership skills, creative and has attention to details and very organized can work within the plan of others. In addition, has the ability to solve problems and work with a manager and teams also believes that he can be part of a team governing the world. In addition, IT programming director establishes an integrated management of programming

Job Description
• Overseeing all technology operations and evaluating them according to established goals
• Plan, direct, and coordinate activities of a multi-team or cross-functional organization.
• Devising and establishing IT policies and systems to support the implementation of strategies set by upper management
• Analyzing the business requirements of all departments to determine their technology needs
• Analyzes complex business needs to be presented by the user community and/or clients and recommends technical solutions.
• Ensures the consistency and maintainability of existing applications by creating, maintaining, and enforcing standards/procedures for implementing technical solutions.
• Directs operations in executing production tasks according to a documented schedule that meets or exceeds customer expectations.
• Produces detailed timeline for each application release and implements effective project control by monitoring the progress of the software release and reporting the status.
• Create project schedules, in addition, create project cost analysis and resources requirement
• Directs and prioritizes the workload of subordinate personnel.
• Reviews all designs, code and unit test plans where applicable.
• Approves all business requirements prior to the technical solution.
• Participates on all hardware and software evaluations and maintains vendor contracts.
• Represents the IT function at customer review meeting when appropriate.
• Perform liaison duties between users, operations, and programming personnel in the areas of systems design, modifications or troubleshooting.
• Performs salary administration, conducts interviews and makes recommendations for new hires, consultants and/or replacement personnel.
• Work with the IT steering committee to establish the strategic direction of the Company's information systems as well as executing the strategy.
• Implementation, deployment, and operation of information systems and technology solutions for business needs.
• Identify and propose new information technologies and systems to improve business processes and decision-making.
• Coordinate IT managers and supervise computer scientists, technicians and other professionals to provide guidance
• Control budget and report on expenditure
• Assist in building relationships with vendors and creating cost-efficient contracts

In addition, IT Project Manager require the following skills:
? Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills
? Vendor management
? Active Listening &Time management
? Effective writing
? Problem-solving and decision-making
? Research and development
? Technical skills


A. IT Project Manager must be able to conduct business analysis for the projects and prepare SRS (Software Requirement Specification) for the projects. In addition, IT program director must explain for the technical team (developers, designers, and others) all the business rules, main ideas, and different functionalities for each project. B. IT Project Manager will manage and coordinate all work related to each project, in addition, follow up with project manager for each project all work related and received the project deliveries for follow up and check up work that is done upon requirement C. IT Project Manager must review technical code (Java, .Net, HTML and others) and check for any problems or errors. D. IT Project Manager prepares cost and time estimation for each project, in addition, must able to create risk management analysis for each project. E. IT Project Manager must have BS computer science or higher with at least 5 years’ experience in management position
Bachelor of Computer Science - Information Technology
Ms. Avneet Kaur - Recruitment Consultant
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